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wilson benedict benefit benjamin davis benny benny reeves benoit benson berardi berci berclair berclair ms berg bergman bernie bernie marsden bert's jam besey bestor beth beth groh beth hart beth hart acoustic beth hart band betty betty brownlee bass beyonce john sinclairs granddaughter bibb big a big al big al grebovic jimmy mccarty jam 8192011 big al keys big al's blues band wsg benny reeves big b and the actual proof big boy big coque band big daddy fox band big dog big dudee roo big eyes big george brock big george brock and the new house rockers big george brock band big george brock harp big james and the chicago playboys big james montgomery big james montgomery and the chicago playboys big james the chicago playboys big james trombone vocals big mike aguirre and the blucity allstars big ray haywood big ray the motor city kings big smooth big t big trouble band big willy band bigfoot biker bikers bilbo bill bill blatter bill heid bill heid keys vocals bill homans harp vocals 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kimbrough jr duo david kimbrough jr guitar lap steel david kimbrough jr. band david krammer david krammer vocals david maki ii alto sax david scott guitar david shelley david shelley and bluestone david shelley and bluestone band david shelley bluestone david shelley guitar vocals david the butcher alves bass david watson conga drums david whitaker performance david winans ii david winans ii pi davies davis davis' dawkins dawn dawn taylor watson paul deslauriers dawn tyler watson vocals dawson day 4 finals dbs dbs blues challenge finals dbs fundraiser blues girls of summer hastings street ballroom detroit mi 832014 dbs fundraiser for boogie woogie red gravemarker zal gaz grotto club ann arbor mi 4272012 dbs meeting jam andrews on the corner detroit mi dbs meeting jam harbor house detroit mi 11132010 dbs meeting jam shelly kelly's fraser mi 1092011 dbs monthly meeting jam harbor house detroit mi 11102012 dbs thornetta davis crowned as detroit's queen of the blues deak deak harp deak 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